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(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2008 | 10:01 pm
location: In a messy bedroom... O.o
mood: blah blah
music: Question - System Of A Down

Uhhh yeahh, just a post about my Xmas Christmas wishlist XD

Marissa's 2008 Christmas Wishlist!!! :D
I wish... I could have all or some of this stuff... I know I already have enough... but I just want to at least have a few or two from this list. <3
1. Women's 3 Pack Hipster Briefs (LOL!!!)
Price: $18 Size: Whatever size I fit!

2. Gel Pen Set
(Item Number: 17 on Page 31)
Price: $20

3. Licensed Fleece Blanket
(Letter: R on page 41, I want that Dora Blanket *numba: 81* CUZ IT'S SOO CUTE :O)
Price: $20

4. 2-Pack Jewellery Beading Kit
(Item Number: 28 on page 43)
Price: $20 D:

5. Hannah Montana PicturePerfect Cushion
(Letter: M on page 45)
Price: $20

6. Art Set In Wooden Case
(Item Number: 7 on page 54)
Price: $30

7. Dual Images Make-up Kit
(On page 141) Price: $10 :D

8. Pikachu Cuddle Cushion
(Letter: N on page 723)
Price: $25 D:

9.Girl Crush: Streak N' Style
(On Page 769, PLEASE BUY ME THIS :D)
Price: $30 O_o (As if she'll buy it... >_<)

10. Super Scrapbook Set
Price: $25 (Darn it... as if my mother will buy any of this stuff on my list... *sigh*)

11. Mario Kart Bundle (Nintendo Wii Video Game)
(Page 862, Price: $60, Ugh... I have a feeling my mom won't get me any of this stuff... T.T

12. Sonic & The Secret Rings (Nintendo Wii Video Game)
(Page 863, Price: $20)

13. Harvest Moon: Tree Of Tranquility (Nintendo Wii Video Game)
(Page 863, Price: $50) D: DEADLY PRICES... o-o

14. Two New Wii Controllers (Just in case I have like 3 friends coming over... ex: my cousins who love playing video games will come over to play wii and there won't be enough wii remotes for some games! But as if my mother will accept that reason... >.<)

15. Rock Band for the Wii!!! :D
(This isn't in the Sears catalogue, but I seen it at EB Games or it'll probably be at Wal-Mart too.)

16. Any Manga Books (*note to mom*: Like for example: "The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross" volume 7... and MANGA is basically comic books that are backwards... and any kind is awesome enough for me. And out of all this whole list, I would want Manga books the most, and you can buy them at bookstores: Coles, Indigo, Chapters, or even online.... oh yeah, also, I'm able to read manga on the internet for free but I REALLLYYYY LOVEE HOLDING PURE ACTUAL MANGA IN MY HANDS, cuz when I do I FEEL TIS CRAZY EXCITEMENT!!!! )

17. Pokemon Battle Revolution (Nintendo Wii Game)
(This game is really something I seriously wanted for my 14th birthday but I believe I was only able to get ONE game, and now I'm doubting that I could get nearly 4 games... and I know... I'm so spoiled and so greedy for games that I have a really hard time convincing myself that I already have so many video games and don't even play most of them... and even if I were to sell some of my video games or give some away, I would later on in life regret getting rid of them, it's like as if I have some connection with my video games even though I might be bored of them sometimes. Soo, yeah, I WANT MORE GAMES :D)

18. Sony Vegas 7.0 (Video Making Program)

19. ANY NEW CLOTHES (I'm sure my mom will love to buy me some clothes and would probably pick this over all the other things here on my list LOL)

20. Okayyy, this last one is something money can't buy and something I'd love to do, is to... PLAY NINTENDO WII VIDEO GAMES WITH MY FAMILY!!! *eyes fill with tears*

OKIIESSS, that's my wishlist... I have another list somewhere in my room but it has WAYY too many things that are IMPOSSIBLE to get! (ok, maybe not exactly impossible, but it depends on the prices and my parents' decisions and blah blah)


(no subject)

Sep. 18th, 2008 | 04:17 pm
mood: chipper chipper
music: Who's In Control - Natasha Schneider


YAY, another post for my journal! Yesterday or two days ago, I made an Atlas/Daichi AMV and I have other AMVs from a month or two ago... sooo I'm gonna post em here... Here's the links :D

Atlas/Daichi AMV "Forgotten":

Sailor Moon R ~ Dreams Of An Absolution (Remix):

Sakura's Running Around In Circles:

Seiya x Usagi~Falling Stars:

(no subject)

Sep. 17th, 2008 | 07:38 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: From The Inside - Linkin Park


"Are You Too Mature?"
Ok it's good to have fun and be as childish as you want once in a while but you're being a bit ridiculous! A bit of maturity will do you some good. That doesn't mean you have to ditch your crazy mates and immature ways and become a lawyer or something. Just start thinking about what you're doing and try and act your age for a change!


"What kind of Dreamer are You?"
Result: The Magician
You are a dreamer of fantasy and the awesome! You've probably read so many books with magic in them, you're ready to explode! But don't worry, magi, you can find miracles in this world of ours. Things at the moment are going so well, so we're due to have some magic coming our way! Right? But i totally feel for you! Magic seems to bring about an atmosphere that makes everything seem like a miracle, and there is no shame in daydreaming about casting spells, or making things happen out of nowhere! Maybe you feel as if you have no control in your life? That would make the prospect of magic tempting as a way to manipulate the things in your world to your liking. But i must implore to you, do not try to get into things that could potentially harm you! e.g.-satanism, summoning, etc...
that stuff may come across in books, but remember that it is fictional! You don't want to permit things to enter your life that could do damage! it just isnt' worth the risk! I would stick to reading, daydreaming, and seeking the magic that does happen around you. Because believe me, it's there, it just takes time to find and understand it!
Good Luck Dreamer!



:o My first LJ Post!!! XD

Sep. 17th, 2008 | 07:26 pm
location: In my bedroom... DUH D:
mood: weird weird
music: Forgotten - Linkin Park

O.O *sits in chair acting like a total n00b* Okay... ANYWAY... this is my first LJ post... hahaha, and dammit when I made this journal of mine I screwed up with the name... now its "xatlasfangirlx" *rolls eyes* But whatever and I'm hoping to make some good graphics and impress some people... I might also post photos and stuff about my real-life and junk.

I would LOVE to get to know more people who love anime and manga like me :3 and I would love to get more msn friends all the way up to 100 or more contacts LOL And hopefully my journal shows up when I type in the address for it... cuz first time I did that it didn't show up... lol. OK... now I think that's all I'll write for now... *total n00b and plays with "mood" thingy* (ooo, WEIRD.... perfect mood for right nowz O.o)